Black Women in STEM Conference

October 24-25 2017

Atlanta, GA

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The Black Women in STEM Conference is the only national Leadership and Innovations conference that addresses the complexity of being black, and female working in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics industry. This conference focuses on supporting black women entering the world of STEM, and is a road map for existing trailblazers to enhance their professional development, and leadership skills. This year's highlights will zero in on the black women who are the biggest Disruptor's, and innovators in STEM.

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Who Should Attend 

• Black Women in STEM
• Professionals working in STEM fields
• Undergraduate/Graduate Students
• Educators in STEM
• STEM Outreach/Program Coordinators
• Market Analyst/ Intelligence

• Researchers Gender/Race
• Diversity Consultants/Employee Relations
• Leaders of STEM programs
• Non-profits and Related Organizations
• Members of industry

Participants are not limited to black women in STEM. Women and men of all races/ethnicities in related industries are welcome


Featured Presentations

• Career Development & Career Diversity
• Entrepreneurship
• Project Management & Team Building
• Diversity & Discrimination
• Finance: Managing Business & Personal

• Innovator's 2017 Awards and Poster Sessions

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Innovator's Submissions




Benefits of Attending

Career Development & Diversity: Learn to be a sucessful leader, and focus your career around what you love
•  Entrepreneurship: Develop the confidence to design your future, and suceed when you fail. Understand what it takes to write your own paycheck, gain flexibility, and financial security
Project Management & Team Building: Produce successful projects and results. Learn how to build and manage successful teams, master conflict resolution and enhance your negotiation skills
Diversity & Discrimination: Learn how to influence different forms of diversity, navigate being the only or one of a few black females in industry, build networks to face adversity and discrimination with support systems and legal resources.
Finance: Be confident in managing million dollar budgets, forecasts, and projections as well as maximizing your personal finances, retirement, and investment options
Innovate: Learn from other Black Women in STEM who are some of the biggest Disruptor's in STEM that impact:





-Energy/Environment + More